Prenatal & Newborns

You’re new at this.. or maybe your little one is on the way and you’re already worried about how your nights are going to look. Either way, we’ve got you covered! Our goal for this package is to give parents the knowledge, tools and confidence to get your newborn (or newborn-to-be) off to a great start towards healthy sleep habits!

A great gift for parents to-be!


  • A preliminary sleep evaluation which includes an extensive questionnaire to help us learn about you, your little one and any existing sleep or health challenges
  • A 60-90 minute consultation where we cover routine, schedules & method. This is where we insert the sleep education, tips, tricks and tools to implementing healthy sleep habits.
  • A newborn sleep plan helping you set up your days and nights up for success
  • Follow up support

Starting young means baby steps to better sleep. With steady, gradual techniques you can prevent common sleep issues and ensure that your little one has the skills to sleep soundly as he/she grows older!

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